A landslide in a sector known as La Fortuna has caused material damage Company Metalesa SA Mining Camp Ponce Enriquez. Authorities at the Ajuan Canton and the firm indicated that no deaths or injuries were recorded from the incident.

The Business Said he Landslide Affects its operational part Camp. In a statement, he explained that the mechanical work area was affected “and some containers have been adapted as bedrooms.”

Videos of the disaster spread on social networks and it was said that there were dead and missing. Its authority National Risk and Emergency Management Services And Ponce Enriquez denied the existence of the victims after firefighters visited the area.

The company has reiterated thatThis catastrophe did not claim any human lifeThe mining company highlighted the actions of the workers in charge who evacuated the mine due to heavy rains.

Metallesa SA manufactures Density of gold For export and its main destination China.


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