On this Wednesday, March 30, 2022 morning, two roads in Pichincha Province woke up to the news due to the heavy rains of the last few hours.

The Pichincha Prefecture According to a Twitter account, at 06:36, a landslide 2 km on the Nono-Quito road was recorded.

Traffic is light at this point. Entity workers and equipment go to the damaged area to do cleaning work.

Another landslide was recorded at 33 km on the Mitad del Mundo-Rio Blanco road (Calacali). Traffic on the road is closed. The report was released today Wednesday at 6:35 p.m.

Similarly, Pichincha Prefecture reported that machinery and technical personnel were going to the point to carry out cleaning work and open the road.

ECU 911 Quito Report

Quito has issued a statement at ECU911 06:13 detailing other routes that introduce innovation.

  • The Chaco – Talk Lake A section of the street table in the sector is closed due to damage San Luis-ReventadorAlternate route: And Bayeza- and from Narupa
  • And from Narupa – Loreto was partially able to recover from the landslide in Hatun Sumaku, caution is advised.

Road in Azuay

From the south of the country, these routes introduce innovation:

  • Cuenca-Gualacio-Limon: Partially capable, 20 km of careful driving, 6, 39, 47, 54 and 57 km of landslides on Ingamullo II sector roads.
  • Cuenca-Moleturo-Naranjal: Off at 49 km, alternative route: Biblián-Zhud-Cochancay-El Triunfo.
  • Cuenca-Giron-Passage: Able to drive carefully at 39, 45, 53 and 103 kilometers.


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