Pulp inventory is declining around the world so much that the world’s top producer, Suzanne SA, sees the risk of a supply shortage, possibly leading to higher prices for essential items such as tissues and toilet paper. The international media announced this on Saturday, May 7, 2022.

Russia It is an important source of wood EuropeAnd according to Suzanne’s CEO, the trade has been completely blocked since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Walter Schalke. Russian timber has also lost worldwide certification. This means that European pulp producers, especially in Scandinavia, will lose their production capacity.

“Pulp inventories are slowly declining in such a way that they could reach the level of barriers or shortage of equipment,” Schalke said in an interview. “It is possible”.

Tight paper market

These factors, along with a strong demand, lead to a return of about 40% on its price Chinese celluloseAccording to a May 3 report, BTG Pactual. The tight paper market is another push for consumers, who are struggling with rising prices for everything from food to fuel.

Russian pulp producers are struggling to keep up with the shortage of raw materials, while a major has been forced to suspend its operations. Further supply is expected to be disrupted as Ukraine’s aggression continues Black Sea.

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals in Latin America. For Suzano, demand has been higher than the company could manage, Schalka said.

Toilet paper

Since paper, in particular Toilet paper, An essential item, the impact of inflation on demand is expected to be moderate. Nevertheless, we have not yet fully realized its effect War in UkraineDr. Schalka.

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