The footballers of the three teams were attacked at the end of the match against Nigeria. Photo: Screenshot of the transmission.

The Ecuadorian football team won 1-0 Nigeria In their last friendly in the United States. Although the Tigers won the match, the result ended in an accident and with the football players Attack After the field attack.

Its victorySelection He made a noise among the fans who came to witness the meeting In addition to celebrating it on the stand, iThey entered the playground After the match.

The spectators make runs to reach the chosen ones Ask for their picture or hug them. Private and collective security personnel had to intervene Dispersal.

During the broadcast, a reporter in charge of covering the event on the edge of the field reported that Three footballers have been attacked. In the pictures, it was also possible to show how they hurriedly left the playground and in support of others. Participants.

What was about Performance On the national team, it showed good flashes and beat rivals outside of South America. The only goal of the clash was kept Parvis Estupinan With a header in 10 minutes.

The scoreboard could have been bigger, but repeatedly missed opportunities. Nigeria The same fate befell and failed Tie.


This is not the first time that people from outside the event have entered the meeting inappropriately Three. On the last date South American qualifierss, a fan entered without authorization

The match against which the game was played ArgentinaThe raider’s motive was to get a postcard Leo Messi. It made it and was later removed by the logistics team.

Leaked costs Ecuador Football Federation Financial approval from FIFA. The amount was approximate USD 15 thousand.

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