The female singer opens the second season of EC Conciertos. It fuses traditional music with a touch of rock. Photo: Javier Flores / EL Commerceo

Alexandra Garcia, better known as La Touquila, has traditional music in her DNA.

Several members of his mother’s family, including the Mother’s Music Corridor, Parade … Poetry Turned into Song; He memorized the most symbolic song.

Lots of those words in between Treasure With whom he has traveled for more than 10 years, various provinces of Ecuador and cities in countries like the United States.

Its characters Song Like when my guitar cries, sicknessā€¦ they crawl his skin, they make him laugh and cry, but they also force him to dance; Wake up a bit Sensation Y. Feelings. Because of this, and even though they told him when he was a child that he had heard the songs of the ‘old men’, he decided Ambassador That Music.

But to win the mind The new generation The rock has been chosen to include a few touches. Get and keep millennial fans Loyalty His Followers Always focused on creating quality concerts; He is quite an expert.

He plans down the smallest details. He is aware of light, sound, costume, his musician. Thus he has proposed some of the most lively events in recent years, a San Gabriel Theater.

There he was on May 13, an earlier Quito public That he missed seeing her on her The stage Ruins energy, love and talent.

La Touquila is a good-natured woman Mood, But before he got on stage he admitted he was nervous. She too Throw From Less To those who always support him, regardless of their ‘likes’ Social media Or with purchase Tickets To them Shows.

And that’s behind every one of them Concert Here Lots of effortWhich will grow over time because La Tequila likes the challenge, but above all to show it National musician They make high quality content.

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