Angela He was born at home in Santo Domingo. Marked July 21, 2021 Calendar As his mother, Jocelyn Mera Experimental date To come to his earth.

I thought it would be nice to go Subcenter From Health Because I had no pain – says Jocelyn – then suddenly I felt a strong contraction. “

What happened next happened so quickly that his Swami Luis Lopez only had time to call ECU-911. Recorded audio revives dad’s nervous voice and crying Frustration Mother; At last, with relief, Angela’s cries can be heard.

Behind the earpiece, Paramedic Lucas Nunez gave every instruction for its birth. She saw Lewis coming out with one of the baby’s shoulders and bringing a towel to receive him.

It can’t be better, “Jocelyn said as she held her baby, now nine months old. “It simply came to our notice then. He did not leave us. “

Santo Domingo de los Sachilas Ecuador recorded the highest birth registration rate last year.

In this province, 24 live births are registered for every 1,000 inhabitants, an indicator that has remained high for the past two years.

Living birth rate in 2019 tsachila landFirst in the rankings, 29 per 1,000. When in 2020 it was 19. This analysis was based on data from the Civil Registry and the population projected by the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INEC) For each year.

The other provinces, mostly on the coast, whose representative birth registration rates are Los Rios, Esmeraldas, El Oro, Manabi, Guas, Tungurahua, Ajua and Pichincha. Thus, in 2021, Los Rios registered a registration rate of 18 per 1,000; Emerald, 17; El Oro, Manbi and Guas 18 respectively.

Other births

Yanina Figueroa He watched as the fountain water came out as he tried to move forward Through Alóag-Santo Domingo In a hospital in the capital. On March 31, a landslide closed the highway and he could not travel from his local Alurikuin.
Someone knew about her emergency and five hours later they were able to take her to the subcenter Augustus EgasWhere they were finally able to retire Caleb, whom he called his warrior, for all he had done to protect himself.

Jared He did not wait to go to the hospital. On the morning of August 27, 2021, he began to bother his mother with severe labor pains that kept her from just a few steps out of the house. I was going to climb a hill to get to the health center and I couldn’t take it anymore – 20-year-old Genesis Arias – recalls. I’m just lying on some dry leaves. “His second son was born there, in the middle of the Guadua cane, which grew in the Tokillal de Cuevado Precinct (Los Rios); but his cries were not heard.

Rescuers Francisco Munoz and Edwin Sevalos have received a warning of a newborn with no significant symptoms. They tried to reach as far as the road reached by rescue and X566 ambulance of the Medical Emergency Unit of the Traffic Commission.

We ran through a cocoa field, we crossed an estuary and when we arrived we saw the baby on the ground – said Munoz. She had no pulse and we started with a rejuvenating massage. It was a miracle. “Now the two rescued children’s parents.

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