The young woman’s trembling Kylie Posey It has gone viral and has become one of the most famous memes on the internet. Through a publication on the social network, his family announced it Is dead Just after his 16th birthday.

The girl was a member of the American program.Baby and tiaras‘, Which made him famous. A short video of him making faces in the form of ‘naughtiness’ has spread all over the world.

His mother Mercy Posey Gatorman Who broke the news Social media. He said in a Facebook post:

“I have no words or thoughts. A beautiful girl is gone. Please give us your privacy as we mourn the loss of Kylie. My baby forever. “

At the moment, there is no explanation for the reasons Death of a young manHowever, according to the diary TimeLocal media reported on the death of Kailia Evil From Transit Registered in Las Vegas, USA.

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