After hearing a hit from the money singer, the evangelist spoke of a “hidden message”. Photo: Instagram @karolg

You say that you have already forgotten me, and you have erased it from your mind, when I made you pom pom pom pom “, read the first verses of Song ‘Mi cama’, by artist Carol G with co-host J Balvin.

The 2 minute and 33 second track represents one The biggest hit For Reggaeton Artist: He won the Lo Nuestro Award for Best Video of the Year and was also nominated. Grammy Awards In the ‘Best Urban Songs’ section.

The hidden message of ‘My Bed’ according to a priest

However, the content of his song Debate. In recent days, a video has spread on social networks, so that one The priest analyzes it Until you reach a certain Conclusion.

Upon hearing the first verse, the evangelist told his community: “Lord rebuke Pom Pom Pom Pom.” Subsequently, he reproduced part of this track Invert, Or backwards and, according to him, he was able to hear Carl GK sing “Oh, yes”. Satan carries his body with you. ”

“The devil is inside, he says. In that part Song “Oh, Satan, take my body with you,” he told the audience in a one-minute video.

odalisaponteoficiall Evangelical priest full Sunday worship song analysis #Corolog What do you think ?? # Viral # Tick talk # For you # For your page # For you ♬ Original word – 😊Odalis apante😊

Displays according to logos and images FootageThe Shepherd MMM Los Olivos will be part of the organization, which describes itself as one Pentecostal Christian Church From Peru.

“House of God Gates of Heaven, where needy lives are changed by the power of God,” they mentioned in a description on their official Facebook profile. There are more than six thousand of them Congregation That follows them.

Recent controversy

Karol G did not comment on the matter Complaint The priest and the supposed message are hidden in that letter. Provenza’s team of interpreters, however, had to face others Debate.

They have come out against its use in the last few days Image Of Artist In the political campaign. This was because a song was aired where an Antioquian woman said: “Don’t let yourself be bought, or let your vote be taken away, because with it Government We don’t go anymore. You have to vote for Petro, don’t make any mistake this time. This duke government will not work. “

The track was shared by Roy Barreras and Armando Benedetti, senators and members Campaign Historical agreement. Until it went viral, Carol G’s team asked Politician Delete it.

“Of course, the singer is not Carol G. It has nothing to do with the video and we have directly asked Senator Roy Barreras to break it. Image Of Artist “Without approval,” they told W Radio.

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