Some sectors are not satisfied with the government’s decision William Lasso And next June they will publish it on the streets. For now, there will also be opposition during the May 24 executive report to the nation.

Lasso will report to the country in the first year of his management Legislative PalaceAt 11:30.

That morning Popular front The position will be observed outside the National Assembly. This was reported by Nelson Erazo, Guild Leader.

Leonidas Iza, president of the Ecuador Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (CONAI), called for a focus on the issue. House of Ecuadorian culture. There he will issue a report parallel to Lasso.

Mauricio Chiluisa, President of the Federation of University Students of Ecuador (FEUE), Explained that they are analyzing 24 people joining the solidarity.

He went on a hunger strike in support of pay equality, as demanded by the National Union of Educators.UNE) The student leader said it was the beginning of a “new struggle ahead”.

Mobility in June

One of the sectors that the United Workers Front (FUT) has developed in recent months Consolidation They consider it the “neo-liberalism” of the government.

According to the head of the Popular Front, one of the platforms’ organizations, the trade unionists are preparing for June. Workers

“University students are taking to the streets demanding big budget for education. We are also going to the assembly to demand this Biological law of higher education, Not in the service of the government and prepare new solidarity actions, “Chiluisa warned. He specified that the works would not actually take place until the second week of June.

UNE raised Hunger strike Acting from May 3 for pay equalization. However, he will also join the movement. It demands, among other things, reinstatement of dismissed teachers, enforcement of 25 working hours, special retirement.

“It simply came to our notice then Transparent competitionNo more rector and district director of coordination by hand ”, condemned Isabel Vargas, president of the teachers union.

Popular Unity supports UNE and in this sense, its representative Giovanni Atarihuana says that the “victory” over pay equalization gives greater power to solve other problems of the country, including Social Security.

No one will announce the exact date of his move for June on the 24th of May. He raised the call Agricultural producers Like a banana tree. However, the sector has not yet made any decision.

“We have not yet decided. We are waiting to see what action the government will take after proposals and procedures at the working table with the government minister and the current government,” he said. Agriculture Minister MdSaid Franklin Torres, president of the National Federation of Ecuadorian Banana Growers (Fenabe).

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