Spanish bsket legend returns with UNIQ by SNGULAR and KIA: Conversations with relevant people in Spanish society

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The effort to get things done is always commendable. Each person has a different path to reach a position of relevance, leadership or example. And I want to chat with them to make sure that no one is given anything, that they have to work, that they have given many hours, that they have taken many steps. ” Jose CalderonSpanish basketball legend, Cavaliers General Manager Kobe Altman’s current special adviser, Likes to talk about the way to heaven from the stairs, about the art of climbing the ladder of success, little by little, without avoiding anything. This goes about UNIQ by SNGULAR and KIA.

The former Extremadura player, a great talker, has moved on. After that he was the victim of question papers many times 14 years in the NBA And some in the ACB, from the heroes of the golden age of elections, now work as conductors in a place through which prominent figures in various fields of Spanish society have gone: dancers Sara BarasCheap Jose AndresPreacher Tony SegaraVirology Margaret of the ValleyJournalist Anna Pasteur, tennis coach Tony Nadal, former basketball player (and good friend) Pau GasoHe is a musician Charles JeanCEO of Santander, Antonio Simmons, Among others. Together, but not scrambled, they aim to inspire. They are not ‘cooking’ conversations that produce. “We’ve never cut back. And there’s no deadline. We’ve ended up talking about the unexpected and making it very normal.”

No one is given anything, they have to work, they have spent many hours, I want to chat with these characters to make sure that they have gone through many steps.

Jos Caldern, Spanish basketball legend, driver of UNIQ

For an athlete with a lot of worries, trained to work professionally outside the court, who never rested on his laurels, who ran away from living on income after a great career in basketball, is now an adviser to the front office of the Cavs and formerly in the NBA Players Union, U.S.NIQ brings you truly unique and magical moments. “I feel like another fan. I’m interested in talking to them. I’m learning a lot because I never know where things are going. I have guidelines, but you don’t know what’s going to happen. I can. ” Deal with the ideas that happen to me while flying.

JoseAlready with his family in Spain having done a lot of field work with the Cavs before the NBA Draft (June 23), he doesn’t know how to choose a favorite character “because they’ve all contributed so much to me. I like to meet people and get to know the brilliant people for their work, but I also make the characters normal.. We are all unique, we are human, we all started with the same rules and found different ways to reach our goals. I’m also interested in everyday things that aren’t seen and probably the most important thing is to answer the question why do you think you came?

Peter’s Christina

I like to meet people and introduce bright people for their work, but I also make the character normal

Jos Caldern, Spanish basketball legend, driver of UNIQ

Now interview him. As an interviewer, I never ran away from anything, although I was always afraid of the title.. I was never the one to talk about anything, this or that, but I was responsible for the moment the messages communicated, if it was appropriate or appropriate to say. I think you always have to know the tone to give things. “

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