Disney offered the actor to record a film about the life of ‘Sparrow’. Photo: EFE

After the editorial release Amber Hard Has identified himself as a survivor in The Washington Post Domestic violence, Disney Decided to find out Johnny Depp Making new pictures with infamous piratesJack Sparrow

Although I heard She did not mention her ex-husband as an abuser in the letter, unless it is clear that she was, since he was her only husband. Due to the recent victory Depp There are rumors in the defamation suit against the ‘Aquaman’ actress that the actor and Disney Negotiations have begun for Restore one of his most famous characters Y Well known.

The ‘Edward Caesarhands’ actor was dropped from the multi-billion dollar ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise in 2018, after 15 years playing satirical and bizarre pirates. His last performance was in ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’.In 2017.

A multi-million dollar deal

A fountain inside DisneyAccording to the English newspaper Daily Mail, the actor was seen in meetings and conversations Executives of production companiesAnd it is rumored that the amount they are offering to persuade him to return is about মিল 300 million.

He also gave this assurance The entertainment giant wanted to fix his relationship with the actorEven before the start Judgment against Amber Hard. “They asked him if he wanted to come back as’Jack Sparrow‘Two movies or even a series based on the lives of pirates,’ an unnamed source told the Daily Mail.

Apparently, there’s already a first draft of the next script for a movie about Sparrow, so they’re hoping that with the amount they’re paying, Depp decides to return A Work with Disney Despite being fired before the end of the trial between him and his ex-wife. In fact, the producer of ‘Mickey Mouse’ has also offered to include one Grant to a foundation of Depp’s choice As a work of simple faith in its new beginning Creative relationships.

According to Depp’s legal team, Lost USD 22 million as payment for his role in the sixth film of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, from which he was fired after allegations against him. Moreover, the actor insisted the following: “With Disney I felt I was guilty until I proved my innocence and not otherwise.”


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