American actress Amber Hard reacted to the stand during her defamation trial. Photo: EFE

It is Judgment For defamation Johnny Depp Y. Amber Hard Cross-domestic violence allegations heard, Thanks for the long list of witnesses summoned. This Tuesday, May 17, 2022, it became known that Friday 27 May It will be the day for Off Argument and its beginning Discussion

The jury consists of seven members: four men and three women, and four options. First of all, it is important to remember that Depp and Hard met in 2009 and married in 2015, but after a year of marriage, they decided to separate in 2016.

Shortly afterwards, Amber Hard wrote a Essays In 2018 where he came forward as a victim of domestic violence. Although Depp’s name was not mentioned in the article, the actor claimed that he had paid for some roles in several films. For this Because, Has filed a defamation suit against Hard For $ 50 million. However, he responded with a counter-claim for 100 million.


The Actor The Pirates of the Caribbean testified first and took up position for four days. There he revived the moment when Hard allegedly cut off his little finger with a bottle of vodka. Other than that, that bar, according to the actor, is hard Injury And Abuse.

However, I heard He is the one who is currently testifying at the stand and has commented on several occasions where the actor is accused Injury And so on Sexually abused His

On May 16, the trial resumed after a one-week break. Actress Talked about the op-ed I write for from Aquaman The Washington Post.

Hard says every word he writes is true. In addition, he said he did not want Depp’s name to be included in the article, but said it was a good idea to publish it. Be aware People about domestic violence.

He also made such remarks Alcohol consumption Y. Of drugs Was by Depp Because That’s what he requested Divorce In 2016.

Hard said he did not want to be part of the trial.

“I knew that if I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t survive. I was so scared it was going to end really badly for me and I really didn’t want to give it up. Loved him very muchMade a statement. In addition, he added: “Violence was now the norm and is no exception.”

He made similar comments No. Wanted to be part Judgment Since I had to recover from painful and personal experiences.

The judge also rejected Hard’s lawyers’ appeal this week Canceled Case

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