The only ‘major’ to play golf in our country is Baki Barika. Tiger: “I think I can win.”

Mercy, during a training.
Mercy, during a training.Eric GayAP

Presence Tiger WoodsIts return John Raham After the victory MexicoWith his team Number one Y. Three Of the world, participation Four Spanish… the second has a lot of incentives Chief Golf season, PGA Championship. Considered as’Ugly ducklingArrived at the Grand Slam South hills (Inside TulsaOklahoma) accused of controversy, because in the cycle they do not talk about anything other than external Saudi Golf League.

It will take two weeks London first date And the meeting is. On the first day the players get together and Mark SteinbergIts manager Tiger Woods And wanted to discuss the matter with one of Golf’s most influential figures, agents and players. So far the conclusion is that Current golf gap It tends to grow a lot PGA Tour What? European tour They have not allowed their members to play in the Saudi League and have announced that sanctions will be announced after the first tournament, an explanation that is still being heard. Threats. Like a few players who have been confirmed at the moment Sergio Garca, Pablo Larrazbal, Poulter, Mickelson or Westwood, They are adamant in their decision.

Woods: “I think I can win.”

Outside of Arab money, the tournament focuses Tiger WoodsWhich is supposed to be one Significant improvement About his last appearance Augusta Masters. “It simply came to our notice then. We worked hard And although I have days when it is difficult, there are other times when we can overcome it. But we are working on it, “he told a news conference Learning to manage your body: “It hurts, but I got over it. It is more emotional than physical. I said to myself: ‘I have won with a broken leg before‘So I was inspired to keep pushing. I know how to play golf. And if I can kick well, you never know what might happen … “, he concluded this week with a confirmation of his chances of winning:” I think I can without any doubt. I just have to go out and do it, I have to do my job. It starts on Thursday and is ready Tiger Woods will make his spectacular debut with a spectacular match at 8:11 a.m. (Peninsula time 3:11 p.m.) Jordan Spith Y. Rory McIlroy.

Precisely Tiger’s season had inspiration and turning points John Raham. In the last round Augusta National That opened Uni’s eyes The barrelWho has since admitted to keeping strategy and less focus More in competition and enjoyment. The results speak for themselves and since then ‘RahamboHe has only competed once and won the PGA Tour Tournament in Mexico. Another win in the PGA Championship (Nico) Chief That Spanish golf did not win) may return Number one in the world, Until his closest rival, Scotty Schaefler, is fifth to top. Of The barrel Playing with world number one, Sheffler and number 3, Colin Marikawa. They will depart at 1:36 pm (Spanish Peninsula time 8:36 pm).

We will be on stage with mercy Sergio Garcia, 2:09 pm (9:09 pm in Spain). Borrell plays with a South African Charles Schwartzel And English Matthew Fitzpatrick.

Two new players have joined the Spanish army: adri arnausWho shared the first two rounds with the Americans Colin Inglis And with the Japanese Ginichiro Kozuma, Y. Paul LarrajbalWhat do I do with American Shawn Warren And Australian Ryan Fox.

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