In a message issued on the night of April 10, 2022, Minister of GovernmentFrancisco Jimenez, Emphasize that all I mean The law relating to the habeas corpus granted to George Glass allowed it.

He noted that the decision of the Mangalaralto Parishad judge was different Embarrassing incident. “This government explicitly rejects the decision of the judge in the Glass case and that is why we have given Snyder the capacity to file the relevant legal provisions and that trial also works within the limits of its jurisdiction,” he said.

Jimenez hints at how offensive it looks Judge They use the writ of habeas corpus to sort out all kinds of ‘criminals’, however, he added, “In a democracy, respect for institutions must prevail and that is why the government will not do justice to them as they came before us.”

As of midnight yesterday, the Coromandel Communications Secretariat had already announced that, by order of the Ministry of Presidency and Government of the Republic, the National Service for Prisoners of Liberty (SNA) Mangalaralto will appeal against the judge’s verdict.

Habeas corpus for glass

Judge of the Multicompetitive Judicial Unit of Santa Elena Canton granted bail to Javier Moscoso on April 9, 2022. Habeas corpus To the former vice president George Glass Espinel.

Former vice-president after the rule He recovered His Freedom This Sunday morning, April 10.

Glass Espinel About Weight Two sentences Strong in this case Illegal intercourse Y. Bribery. There is also a pending due to appeal.

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