They walked the streets of the city center with beads, lighted candles, bouquets, crosses, and masks. Once again, the procession of faith unites dozens of people Jesus of great power Guayaquil. The Covid-19 epidemic stopped the tour for two years, but on the afternoon of April 10, 2022, the faithful again showed their devotion during Palm Sunday.

The pilgrimage starts at 3 pm, when the image of it Christ Wrapping up his dark brown tunic, he crossed the portico of the San Francisco church on the shoulders of a party. Congregation. The fountain of petals fuels the applause of the eager fans.

That was then the starting point to take 9th Avenue. From there they follow the road to Baquerizo Moreno, Mendiburo, Lorenzo de Garaycoa, 10 de Agosto, Chimborazo and then back to Vicente Rocafuerte Square, where a field mass is held from 6 p.m.

After a two-year ban due to the Covid-19 epidemic, Catholic faithful took part in a 15-station tour of Calvary.  The route ends with a field mass at Plaza San Francisco.  Photo: Guakil Municipal Tourism Company
After a two-year ban due to the epidemic, Catholic faithful took part in a tour of 15 stations toward Calvary. Photo: Guakil Municipal Tourism Company

A way to cross with Veronicas and religious presentations

Veronica’s violet lace mantillas and dresses led the journey to Calvary through each of the 15 stations. Sounds at every stop Song Hell was strongly projected along the pavement of Mary’s pavement.

The journey came to life in the skin of a group of actors from Nuestra Senora de Fatima Parish. They perform a religious representation Christ is sufferingThe soldiers were overwhelmed by the whip and comforted by the cries of the women in mourning clothes.

Lorenzo de Garaycoa At one corner of the street, in front Central Market, It became round. There Jesus was raised on a wooden cross, leaning against a portal. This was one of the most emotional points of the procession of Jesus del Gran Poder, which On downtown streets Guayaquil since 1983.

“For two years after the epidemic, we have been living in a state of uncertainty and pain. But today the Lord is here for us and we must cry out for that faith, ”said Father Francisco Mesa, Rector. Our Lady of the Angels ChurchMary’s voice was heard throughout the pilgrimage during the radio live broadcast.

The Hour Lady of the Jesuit Church walked several streets in the vicinity as a reminder of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Photo: Guakil Municipal Tourism Company

Churches were filled with the blessings of the branch

Palm opens Sunday’s reminiscences Holy Week. This is why from the very beginning the temples were filled with the faithful who sought the blessing of their bouquets, along with the bio-security system.

The Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Peter It was one of the most visited. This iconic church had public gatherings from 07:00 to 18:00.

Travel around the temple before other congregations Eucharist. The faithful of Our Lady of Chestochoya Church, north of the city, fluttered their branches through the streets before receiving their blessing. They did this as a representation of the victorious entry into Jerusalem before the death of Jesus. Crucifixion.

Throughout this week, Parisians will revive their faith in a variety of activities that resume due to health emergencies. Covid 19. On Friday, the traditional procession of Cristo del Consuelo will be held, with around 500,000 people expected to attend.

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