Andres Chikiza during the match between Delphin and Gualacio. Photo: Dolphin’s Twitter

Dolphin Got a painful win against GualacioFor the minimum account, this is May 21, 2022, at Jocay Stadium.

The locals became ineffective in front of the goal. In the first half they made two clear goal alternatives, which they failed to do Janer Corozo and John Ziro Sifuente. They also missed a penalty kick.

The Setasians were able to take the lead through a penalty after a defender’s handball in the 37th minute. Luis Caicedo has been executed from 12 steps, But his shot went too far from the vertical right.

Inspection goalkeeper, Walter Hinostroza Became an image. In addition to his good performance in the first half, in the supplement he was ready to block a shot by Andres Chikizer.

Despite the good performance of the goalkeeper, the Dolphins were able to open the score in the 10th minute. Jenner Corozo steals goal from Sifuet, Trying to move around the area. The winger took advantage of the action and finished with a strong left foot.

In that first round, the locals calmed down. They showed frustration before the goalPromises for the number of goals lost during development.

Now the dolphin Add 22 points And on the last date he will face Catholic University, In Quito. Giulio, meanwhile, kept 20 units and will close the stage sitting at home against Aukas.

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