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The line between hero and villain is very vague. Jared LetoAs its protagonist ‘Morbius’. Back to the initiative with the American actor Superhero movies In this new film Action and fear Based on a Marvel character.

Dr. directed the film shown in the theater Daniel Espinosa, The director is responsible for films like ‘Life’, ‘The Guest’ or ‘Easy Money’.

A whimsical and chameleon actor

Leto is one of those actors who is not easy to recognize on screen. The actor 50 years Adventurous has been recognized in the media Physical transformationAs well as the strange behaviors he adopts to prepare his characters.

Inside ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ (2013), for example, brought to life a transsexual woman named Rayon. During the filming, the actor played the female role with such credibility that the production team called her her character. That work of characterization and interpretation was recognized by his first Oscar Award.

This is not the only time that the actor has practiced this unique method of work. The results have been praised, but criticized.

After its premiere ‘Suicide Squad’ (2016), it was revealed that Leto gave his co-stars unusual gifts, such as live rats or sex toys. The actor argued that it was all part of the experience of bringing the Joker to life. This was his first entry in a superhero movie.

Most recently, Leto seemed unfamiliar ‘The Gucci House’. In Ridley Scott’s biographical film, the actor got on Paolo Gucci’s skin after six hours of makeup. This work nominated him for Best Performance at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, but he also received another nomination at Reggie for Worst Supporting Actor.

An imperfect villain

Leto embodies Morbius A tape that is part of the universe Sony Pictures Popular by Marvel character.

The character is Dr. Michael Morbius, a The famous scientist The New Yorker suffers from a rare and incurable blood disease that is slowly killing him. Rich in extensive scientific knowledge, he set up a Radical test Get a cure for yourself and other people, even if it means crossing moral boundaries.

The test saves his life and gives him special powers. But from then on Morbius will be needed Human plasma To survive. So, others have to die so that he can survive, which will put the hero in a predicament that will test his principles.

“Morbius is an iconoclast. A person who has enjoyed some successful legitimacy by betting on his person and Breaking the law. And he’s not afraid to do it for a mission that transcends him, ”Leto said in an interview shared from the studio.

“In many ways, Morbius does not fit in with what is expected of a hero. But he’s a man with a big heart and good intentions, so it’s exciting to introduce the world to one. Superhero 3.0”, He assured.

Leto method is applicable in ‘Morbius’

Morbius’s explanation gives Leto a new opportunity to test his curiosity Submerged method. “It’s very rare that you get a chance to give life to a character who has never been on screen before. It really piqued my curiosity, “said the actor about his inspiration.

Although the protagonist’s illness is fictional, Leto gave him his own Physical representation. “I have lived with rare blood diseases and spent some time with people suffering from rare and unique diseases. I tried my best to portray my character in his special situation “, explained the actor who Crutches have been used Gathering behind the camera, maintaining the physical condition of the character.

After guessing the pathological and debilitating condition of the person, the actor faces a challenge. Transformation To show the strong and bloodthirsty side of antihero. “There is no doubt that this character wants to do well, but his new situation has created a whole new demand.”

A startling story

The Requirements Self-imposed by the protagonist to embody this new character, however, was not enough to compensate for other production errors.

The tape tries to fit into one More dirty and dramatic style And though the character is inspired by one Mythical monster The most famous of the movies and literature, the film does not take the risk of exploring the cruel side of vampires.

The drama of a man who fights to save his life and the lives of others shows the way through the character that discovers his superiority.

In the second act, the transformation of the hero takes place Visual effects Borrowing from other productions, science fiction and cinema classics agree that dilemmas remain on the surface, which end with some solutions, but Open a sequel.


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