The cities of Osaka and Tokyo are the most welcoming of the rural population. Photo: Ishtok

Since 1970, Japan A strong increase in the aging of its population and a birth crisis that has made it worrisome Ministry of Health, He is the work and welfare of the country.

Experts predict that if this issue is not addressed, there will be a staff crisis and stagnation. Economic growth.

One solution the Japanese government puts on the table is to attract the most Young Through its oldest city Incentive to work And the economics that encourage the new generation to choose to create a life project in those areas.

This is the case with the town of Chiba, to the northeast TokyoWhere the local government has implemented a plan to attract young couples who are not over 39 years of age so that its suburban population can be restored and the age of its residents can be renewed.

The measure, which will be effective from next month, will provide a Subsidies 3,000 yuan (USD 448) for every couple who dares to go to this town.

Although Gay marriage A prohibited practice in Japan is that LGBTQ people can also apply under the ‘Partnership System’, which is issued to recognize the reunion of couples belonging to the community.

“We hope that Young couples That could potentially help businesses move into these buildings or fill the employment gaps we see in the area, “said Tekeshi Tanikawa, the city’s deputy director of building management, to Vice World magazine.

Applicants must live in the traditional ‘Danchi’, named after him Residential complex Features a government-built and post-war urban renewal plan.

According to the local administration ChewMore than 36 percent of the occupants of these buildings are over 65 years of age or close to 80, so some of these structures are being left empty because their citizens are dying and the buildings have been abandoned.

Birth crisis

For more than 50 years, Japan’s population has been showing a strong decline at its rate Birth rate. This has led to the fact that many of its territories are moving out of its inhabitants and so-called ‘ghost cities’, mainly Rural center.

According to information from National Institute of Research on Population and Social Security Japan, this country could present a reduction of 88 million inhabitants by 2065. That is, one-third of its current population, so the disappearance of the 869 cities farthest from the big cities could happen if the crisis birth rate continues to rise. .

Alone in 2020, and the reason Health is urgent Due to the coronavirus, Japan reached the lowest birth rate in its entire history, with 840,832 births that year, surpassing the 2019 figure, the lowest birth rate since the record was opened in 1899.

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