The raids were carried out at Citadel Kennedy Norte in Guayaquil, Sibos and La Alborada. Photo: Prosecutor’s Office

The National Police and Prosecutor’s Office made the arrest on Friday, June 3. Luis Zierala JuninoFormer director of Teodoro Maldonado Hospital (TMC) at Ecuador’s Social Security Institute, for alleged crimes Guess In case of purchase of drugs the amount will be USD 295,000.

They were together with Jairala Junino Three more people have been arrestedTwo former officers and a provider of the health home.

Operations were conducted north of Citadel Kennedy Norte, Seabos and La Alborada. Guayaquil.

Jairala Junino had been detained earlier, but remained at home with alternative arrangements.

Failed hearing

On Jairala Junino There are two calls for trial, one for embezzlement, dating from 2018, and the other labeled as organized crime for alleged access. Irregular payment agreement.

In the case of specifically organized crime, a preparatory hearing for the trial of the nine accused was scheduled for Friday morning. But Judge Patricio Vidal adjourned the hearing due to the absence of one of the defendants.

Attorney George Acosta noted that due to the stay order Khairal’s absenceJunino, who is in custody, and his lawyer. “Those mentioned must prove their fairness to a multi-person judge,” the lawyer said.

# Attention | Judge orders house arrest and seizure of assets against former IES hospital director for medical treatment case ┬╗

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