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Jailed for killing a dog by dragging it with his truck

The puppy, who lived in a service station, was killed in August 2019 and aroused the rejection of society. Photo: Social Network

That guy Killer In August 2019, a stray dog ​​will be punished.

Accused, Adrian RodriguezHis recognition Blame itFor which he was sentenced to one and a half years in prison Prison ConditionalIn addition to following the code of conduct for 24 months and confiscating the vehicle with which he did this Crime.

The Death The animal happened to be in a resort and tourist town of Mar del Tuয়o Argentina. Rubio, as the dog is called, is a bus Service center And tied to a van and dragged more than two kilometers on the asphalt.

Rodriguez was a recognized resident of the sector, he had an ancillary house Camping More traditional. He indicated that Rubio also tried to bite him when he charged Fuel.

He was so enraged that he threatened to kill the dog, according to the version WitnessHe then tied the dog to his fender with a rope 4×4 truck Y. He was dragged away. As a result, more than half of his chest, legs and body were destroyed. And left him lying without paying any attention.

For this reason, his neighbors have condemned him before Prosecution. The court later declared him a ‘non-grata persona’.

After a couple of months, a group of people from the area inaugurated A. Idols To remember the dog, with a plaque that read: “In Memories De Rubio, who, in his tragic death, united the world as a pillar against animal cruelty, “according to Infobae portal.

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