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Jada Pinket’s alopecia can be a genetic and autoimmune disorder

The Alopecia Or damage Hair In certain areas Scalp That suffers Jada PinketActor’s wife Will SmithMay be caused by a predisposition Genetics Which is a reason Feedback Autoimmune and whose triggers may be among others Change Emotional

One of the hosts of the Oscar Gala, Chris Rock’s Jada Pinkett, a comedy about alopecia, slapped Best Actor Statue winner Will Smith on the night of March 27, 2022.

A is in the background of this episode of Oscar history Rare disease Which Jada Pinkett herself has spoken on social networks. The actress showed off her scalp where her hair barely grows, so she wore it Shave.

Types of alopecia areata

It will be a Alopecia created by a Autoimmune disorders Which is called alopecia areata. “It’s a Missing From Hair An area circumnavigation, which is known as Permission plaqueUsually Scalp But as in other parts of the body EyebrowsThe Beard6 ”, the main explanation Service From Dermatology The The hospital San Carlos Clinic MadridEduardo Lopez Bran.

According to dermatologists, Missing From Hair May affect half Extensions The Scalp And sometimes extended All The HeadWhat is known as Alopecia areata totalis. In the most severe cases it can affect all Area The Body With Hair; Is Alopecia areata is universall

What is the reason?

There is this disorder Original VersatileEspecially a trend Genetics Causing a noise Autoimmune.

“This change activates the organism Method From Defending Against him Hair beads Such as a Offensive External and development Antibodies Against that follicle gives rise to its damage ”, experts point out.

This Missing “It simply came to our notice then SuddenlyAlthough hair follicles are not always irreversibly destroyed, alopecia areata can lead to spontaneous regeneration of the hair. There is no treatment”, Especially if it is a single blade or small blade, the wider the blade, the worse the prognosis.

May trigger or increase the autoimmune response Change Kind of EmotionalSuch as restlessness, anxiety, or StressOr by any other mutation in the organism, such as other related autoimmune diseases Thyroid gland.


Hair loss, starting with autoimmune disorders, but for psychological reasons, treatment must be complete.

Alopecia areata can affect both men and women, even children, and is more likely to have a family history.

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