Phrases: “Icha, Miza, how do you like petrol!”, He heard it Raman Lewis Ayala On the street, from a man’s mouth, and it was transformed into a chorus of blows, which one Urban music.

Rolling Stone Magazine reports on the song that opened the world to Reggaeton in 2004: Gasoline. By then, there was already news about the style and the artists who interpreted it, but not to the extent that Ayla’s theme, artistically known, Father YankeeAcquisition.

The song is written by Yankee and Eddie D. And produced by twins Monday Tunes. In the catchy chorus, the Puerto Rican reggaeton player’s voice joins another genre, Majesty. The lyrics speak to women who joke or ‘hang out’ in urban parlance. In addition, it refers to Tuned vehicles.

The song is part of the ‘Barrio Fino’ album and is the first reggaeton to reach the top of the most important music charts, e.g. Hot Latin songs, Billboard Hot 100 And European Hot 100In addition to being nominated for the first urban song Latin Grammy Award. “The numbers speak for themselves,” Yankee would later proudly say, in another of his famous songs, perhaps to indicate Gasolina’s success.

First win Puerto RicoThen hit the rest of Latin America, the Caribbean, the United States, Canada and Europe, even Hong Kong. The power of the theme has conquered the planet. And, eyes! At a time when the ‘boom’ of social networks has not come.

Despite the skepticism, fame has increased the trend. Dozens of men and women have given evidence of Regaton’s longevity. The world has been ‘tweaking’ their songs or videos with or without controversy. New indicators keep appearing and filling the stages with their fans.

Fuel for a while, but without Dad Yankee

Puerto Rican was 28 when Gasolina was released. The vitality, intelligence, and spark that he has displayed since then have not left him; However, In 2022 he announced his retirement from music.

“This race, which has been a marathon, I can finally see the goal (…) Now I’m going to enjoy with all of you what you gave me, what you gave me,” he said March 20.

At the age of 46, he wants to say goodbye to his followers around the world in a big way with affection. ‘The King of Reggaeton’, as they call him, has already done his job. Although he could not fulfill his dream of becoming a baseball player since childhood … he was able to occupy the stadium for his talent. And, to retire, he wants to do the same. He will propose a final tour which he has named Last Lap World Tour.

The route will start on August 10 from Portland, Oregon. Ecuador is on his agenda. Guayaquil And Quito Enjoy the last show in early October.

While announcing his retirement, he took the opportunity to talk about the release of one last album, which he called ‘Legendaddy’. The singer promised that it would be the best of his career. “I’m going to give you all the styles that have been defined to me in an album. “Legend Daddy is fighting, it’s partying, it’s war, it’s romance,” he said.

The name of the album goes by the singer’s artistic nickname and the word legend in English. This is understandable, because even if time passes, his contribution to the genre will be remembered.

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