Of Queen Elizabeth II United Kingdom He was “tired” after catching Kovid at the end of February, as he himself described in a conversation with health workers published on April 10, 2022. Buckingham Palace.

The 95-year-old Sovereign took part in a virtual visit to the Royal Hospital this week. London On the occasion of the inauguration of an intensive care unit bearing his name, an occasion for which he spoke Video conference With public center staff and patients.

“It makes one very tired and exhausted, doesn’t it?” Raja made the remarks while talking to Asaf Hossain, who was admitted to the hospital. Covid-19And his wife Shamina. “This plague is terrible,” added Elizabeth II.

The Queen’s official residence announced on February 20 that she had tested positive for the coronavirus and then assured her that she had “mild symptoms like this.” A coldWhich allows him to continue “light work”.

Hussein told Sovereign how he was one of three members of his family Hospitalized After signing the Covid-19 deal in December 2020.

Her brother and father died while she spent seven weeks on a ventilator Nibir observation.

“I remember waking my wife up at night and telling her I thought she wasn’t there Oxygen In the room I remember putting my head out the window to try to breathe, “he told the king.

Mirea Lopez, a staff member at East London Hospital since 2008, describes her experience to Elizabeth II. Patients

“As nurses we make sure they are not alone. We hold their hands, we clean them Tears And we support them. Sometimes I thought we were running Marathon Where there was no finish line, ”he explained.


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