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We explain everything you need to know about investments or fixed-term deposits. Learn about the options you need to invest your money to get the best performance, but above all to increase your money safely.

For many years, financial institutions have offered time deposit products. Interest rates vary between banks, cooperatives and mutual, earning different levels of profit.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a financial institution to invest in:

Analyze your risk rating, which determines the strength of the financial institution you can invest in.

The Popular and Solidarity Economy (SEPS) or SB (Superintendency of Banks) is directly related to the superintendents of Popular and Solidarity Economy for their position in the ranking of banks or savings and credit cooperatives, respectively. Supporting your investment.

Of course, profitability is important, so you should check your interest rate according to the amount and term you want to invest. A simulation request.

Other aspects you may want to consider are the organization’s years of experience, its coverage in the country, and the promotions offered.

To give an example of the analysis, we will review data from the National Police Cooperative:

  • Private organizations.
  • Interest rate: up to 9.5% (depending on quantity and term)
  • Ranking: The country’s second largest savings and credit cooperative.
  • Wealth: More than 3 1.3 billion
  • Risk rating: AA-
  • Promotion: Qatar participates in all fixed-term deposit draws for 3 trips for 2 people at the World Cup.
  • More info: www.cpn.fin.ec/inversiones/


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