When Vaccine With The third vaccine Against him Covid-19 Reaching 30% of the population, the Ministry of Health is already analyzing an application The fourth dose For the month of May this year.

Head of Health Jimena Garzon said in an interview on February 23, 2022 that a fourth dose was being planned, a problem she addressed at a recent meeting with medical advisers. White HouseAnthony Fawcett.

The government aims to give the population a booster dose every five months. Garzan has announced that Vaccinated people In December they will receive biological again in May of this year and, as in previous events, will be staffed from the first batch. The first line And Adults Larger.

Inequality in vaccine access

For teacher and researcher Alberto Norvez, a fourth dose may work in the country, however, it is not. Durable In the long run Inequality In terms of global vaccine access. Although in some areas more than 85% have been vaccinated, others have Africa They do not reach 10%.

This can lead to the emergence of low immunization New variant As it happened Omicron. “Governments do not understand that without global control, Covid-19 Another variant, probably more contagious and deadly, will come to us, “said Norvez.

Noting that there is no need to go too far, the researcher said that at present A. Sublineage Of Omicron, BA.2. Studies have shown that it is highly contagious and spreads faster than the original (BA.1). Besides, as seen with Omicron, he will flee Immunity By Vaccine.

Experts consider that more than a fourth dose, it is necessary to promote the vaccine in advance and with Strengthening Especially in humans Group Priority.

The vaccine needs to be updated

For his part, Fernando Sakoto, its president Public Health Society of EcuadorThe scientific journal The Lancet cited a recent study that highlighted in its findings that Laboratory They need to redouble their efforts to provide vaccines Security range They are bigger than what they are currently offering.

The doctor insisted that it was clear that after four or six months Level of protection The decline, however, is that no one can rely on vaccines indefinitely because of the ones that are being developed. Protection Limited.

For Sacoto Government Should be examined more deeply and seriously Scientific research Get involved in this and even the global movement which does not demand more equity for vaccines alone. Pharmaceutical laboratory Work for greater efficiency and commercial interests will not take precedence over the population.

Catalina Yepage, a health expert, indicated that before considering a fourth vaccine, authorities must make sure that completely vulnerable populations and children, including those with underlying diseases, are vaccinated. After that, it considers that it should be applied to continue the strengthening Immunity And progress towards relative normalcy.

Experts agree that the vaccine should be given in that sense Update To provide better and long-term protection, e.g. Influenza Which is installed once a year.


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