Capo Capo Gilberto Rodriguez’s house was destroyed. Photo: El Tympo (Colombia)

The Home Capo’s Gilberto Rodriguez This Thursday, June 2, 2022 was destroyed according to local media reports. It has four levels, two as basements and is located north of the capital Caucasus Valley.

This house is currently being built Pieces of concreteWith Graffiti And burned on its walls, years after those millionaire coves were looking for their objects.

In the month 1995, when the self-confessed drug lord Callie was arrested while hiding inside a house, news of his death was received from the United States in a US prison.

The Search block, Active during the Ernesto Samper government, reached a sector of the Santa Monica residential neighborhood. It was Friday afternoon, June 9, 1995.

It was a quick move, including a helicopter, to avoid the house on 28N-79 Ninth Avenue.

The two policewomen wore crowns following the accountant Rodriguez, who was also very clever in his movements.

But the smell of lotion brought detectives to where they had lost track of the meter.

Thus, around 3:18 pm, they arrived at the house with a bronze cross, but without any arrogance.

Due to the broken windows and porch, it is understood that this was a strategic site, as it allows us to see the path that runs down a large part of the north-east and west of Cali. Only those who are residents come and go there, especially in vehicles.


The property is located a few steps away from the ascent of Mount Las Trace Cruces, which allows you to walk around Chippechap, El Bosque and other sectors on the way to the top.

That June 9, uniformed officers entered the house with four levels and a double garage.

There they found a Bible open for the book of Psalms from 139 to 144, referring to David, who had defeated Goliath.

Researchers were shocked to see the size of a library with a chess set, a marble board and carved ivory pieces.

They give details of a broken frame, such as a fall or wound when removing the shelf.

Afterwards, the agents visited and discovered a wide space two meters high.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Prosecutors found documents, notebooks and computers, a photocopier and now an old fax machine.

There was also a Renault 9 with a communication radio, cell phone, a CBZ 235 license plate and a Montero Power Steering CBW 732. He was dressed like a thin short-sleeved shirt and sports shoes.

Destroyed house

The house is still there, rather the place that was washed away by the storm or earthquake, between the house and the building, whose occupants may change after 27 years.

For years The site has been heardEspecially since Night, Voices and hammer blows into that building even as they were breaking it. There are two levels of four floors left. From the flat, on the side of the road, nothing above.

Some of the steps lead to a kind of basement, where Rodriguez, known as the ‘chess player’, spends most of his days on foot.

That is what the researchers said It was a bunkerWhich now burns walls and ceilings, including layers of dirt, paintings, scratches.

Now the destroyed house is occasionally occupied by homeless people. But police are careful not to turn it into a house for blowing up and getting drunk with basuko or other drugs.

From time to time, visitors are startled by the ruins, just by the cats in search of shelter.

Gilberto Rodriguez Orezuela, also known as ‘El Azedresista’, is an enemy of Pablo Escobar. Https://

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