Talks with Spanish tennis player El Mundo just hours after the Monte Carlo Masters 1000 final against the Greek Citipas

Alejandro Davidovich at one point in the game.
Alejandro Davidovich at one point in the game.Daniel ColeAP
  • Chronic Sitsipas ended Davidovich’s journey by fighting to the last ball in Monte Carlo.

A few hours after losing in the final of the Monte Carlo Masters 1000 against Stefanos Sitsipas, after finishing the best week of his tennis career, Alejandro Davidovich (Malaga, 1999) joined El Mundo in a telephone conversation from the Principality.

What did he do at the end of the final?
Nothing, eat. We’re all doing some processing every week.
Is it easy to do?
Damn, we did something wonderful.
He never gave up.
Well, he’s all right. He also looked cool physically. I’ve noticed the weight of all the previous games, but that’s far from an excuse. It took me a while to get to his ball, because he is aggressive and plays quite fast. I was happy with the game I played, although I loved playing the third one.
It’s not so far. He was never intimidated.
The truth is that I managed it well. Even when I beat Knoll, I did well with Goffin the next day, which was not an easy match at all. I wanted to see where I could go. I have continued to enjoy every point.
What has changed in the last year?
Mentally I am much better, calmer and more focused on what I am doing. And it made a difference to how I was at the beginning of the year and how I am now.
What specific work have you done?
I’ve been with my psychologist for 10 or 11 years, Antonio [de Dios]Since I started with George [Aguirre, su entrenador] And it’s quite a daily routine, you have to take it as a routine.
Probably before he was a young volcano that somehow contained.
Yes, but as George said, the volcano was very high and had many holes. We’re doing all those channels.
But he has maintained his essence and is able to serve less on the fine ball as he did in the semifinals on Saturday, against Dimitrov, trailing 0-3 in a break point third.
Honestly, I see more this week than ever before. I became Alejandro from the deep. MS Focus [concentrado].
What can be expected from you from now on?
I haven’t reached my roof yet. I have had a very good week, but now we need to calm down, keep our feet on the ground and improve, because there is still a lot to improve.
He went through some tough times, because after winning the Wimbledon Junior title in 2017, it didn’t go as fast as you expected.
From that experience I also learned to handle situations like after losing to Djokovic or in this final.
How did you show your face seeing that success did not come?
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. I couldn’t figure out what was inside me. It took me a few months to assimilate it. I was young and saw that you have done great things and it is hard to bear that you have more vision towards you. But you learn from it.
Outside of tennis, tell me about your Animal Adoption Foundation (Adoptas.org).
Two weeks ago they told us that we already have a foundation and that people can donate to parents and on the website (www.adoptas.org). I have loved animals since childhood. After the epidemic quarantine I saw that a lot had been abandoned in Spain. Many take the animal to be happy for two months and then leave. We are the most dropped country in Europe.
What are you looking for in working with Martin Fitz?
After all, we work in precision, when there is more time to delve deeper. He was already with us in Rotterdam. Seeing him on the bench and thinking about his mentality while running a marathon helps a lot. A game is long and many thoughts come to your mind. It’s good to know what’s going on in your head and keep running and winning.d.
Are you ready to be viewed differently by your competitors now?
I make my way. I have been able to do a lot since this week. I continue training because I want to be a Masters 1000 champion, not a runner up.

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