Face me Instagram, With a wealth of instant photos, temporary publications and short videos, it has taken a huge step toward capturing the market from applications such as Tick ​​tock Is Snapchat. And he has succeeded. This Sunday, May 8, 2022, we will tell you about the other functions of this application.

Meter CEO Mark Zuckerberg bets on everything that makes him happy: Instagram. Facebook has been stagnant for years.

There are several innovations in the application that will be gradually implemented around the world. That is, some of the following functions may already be available for the user’s profile, others will not be enabled for a few weeks.

1. Overlay private messages

The private messages we receive will appear at the top of the screen as we browse the Instagram ‘feed’. This way we can respond to them instantly without opening the message section and therefore lose sight of the publications we were consulting with.

2. Content Sharing Shortcut

Sharing posts with friends is now easier than ever: just press and hold the ‘Share’ icon (including the paper plane, below the photo) to bring up our most common contact icons. We slide our fingers towards our interests and that’s it.

3. List of friends online

At the top of our message box we see a list of friends who are now online, which makes it easy to start an instant conversation.

4. Music in your message

Future integrations from Apple Music, Amazon Music and Spotify will enable us to share any 30-second song in our chat window, allowing the other party to play them from Instagram.

5. Silent message

If you ever want to send a message in the middle of the night but the recipient is bored or stuck with the possibility of waking you up, you should know that from now on you can send it in ‘Silent’ mode. All we have to do is add a command ‘Silent’ At the beginning of the lesson. And so it can reach other mobiles but without notification.

6. New theme

New theme Lo-fi Adds a touch of color to the background of the chat window.

7. The survey comes

Did you know that conversation groups can also be created on Instagram? One utility that comes in handy when we talk to multiple contacts at the same time is a survey installation. For example, when you want to decide which movie to watch at the cinema or where to have dinner later.

More features come

Meta Facebook’s instant messaging application: Messenger has announced the implementation of the command. Next to Silence As we have described, some users may already use the command @ EveryoneWhich sends separate notifications to all members of a chat group.

Commandos will also come in the future Pay, To send or request money from Messenger. Is gif To find and attach animated images to chat, or Shrug To send shrug emoticons: ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ /. Is Tableflip To send a table turning emoticon: ° □ °) .

WhatsApp allows you to hide the ‘typing’ of chats. How to enable this option? Https://bit.ly/3KEVUaX

Someone sent something to the post office Trade On Tuesday, May 3, 2022


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