Skaters confirm drugs are being sold at a skating rink in La Carolina Park. Photo courtesy

The Security And it has become a tonic for selling drugs La Carolina Park Skate Park, North of Quito. This is what he said David HolguinWho has been skating for 28 years.

Holguin says he first visited the park in 1995. At the time he said he could Rollerblading Quietly, however, he assured that in the last four years Dr. Security Overflowing

He commented that it has been present in the park since morning Sellers Drugs, who carry Knife And they are in big teams. Holguin commented that users Skating courtyard They have tried to deal with these people without result.

“It simply came to our notice then. Per Drug dealers They don’t care about age or if they are athletes, they still give them medicine. The problem is already getting worse, we ask them to do something about it, “said Holguin.

A few months ago, he said there was one Police unit Very close Skating courtyard To provide more security. But he said only one uniformed officer in the unit controlled the area and did not provide security.

Several requests have been made to those in charge ParkHolguin comments. Some time ago he said that there was a security camera and there was more control, but he assured that it has decreased over time.

Boris Camacho is practicing bmx About 35 years in the park. He has been giving classes to children since he started paddling, but mentions that parents are afraid to send their children. Park Because insecurity. This makes it harder for more people to practice the sport, he added.

Unfinished project

Wanted to improve the infrastructure of the municipality La Carolina Park Skate Park Through three stages. In the first, the facilities have been improved Road area, A place where skating takes place. This was already done in 2015, but the other two phases are unfinished.

Bernard Maldonado Representative of the French company Construction of skatepark architecture Who was responsible for planning the first phase of the skatepark rehabilitation.

Maldonado says the dialogues began before the epidemic. He said plans for other phases were completed two years ago Municipality Did not rule in their conclusion.

“There is no interest in this happening (conclusion of the stage)Quito Municipality And the Ministry of Sports. It’s a more bureaucratic issue, “Maldonado explained.

David Holguin says the only thing missing from the implementation of the second and third rehabilitation plans is Municipality approval.

“I have met people who have come here from many parts of the world La Carolina Park Skate Park. It is one of the most important skate parks in the world. It is important for tourism and, on the other hand, skateboarding is an Olympic sport from the last competition and it will benefit the new generation, “Holguin concluded.

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