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Ingrid Betancourt has dropped his candidacy in support of Hernandez

Betancourt, the vote intent did not reach 1% in the poll. Photo: EFE

Ingrid BetancourtThe only woman Presidential race From ColombiaThis Friday the announcement, May 20, that Withdrawal His Candidacy To support the engineer Rodolfo HernandezA populist and independent who has come to the polls and can run for office Second round.

“Today I have decided to support Candidates only That can defeat the system today, “he said BetancourtOxygen Green Party candidates, who could not poll up to 1% Intention From Vote For the next May 29, 2022, he worked together with Hernandez in Barranquilla, north of the country.

“This one Tough decision For me and for my team because it is said that we are moving away Support A RudolphGive him all our support this past week and throughout Second round“, Assured Betancourt, who returned to the presidency 20 years later Abduction By War Of Fark When he was a candidate in the 2002 elections.

The policy added: “We have to Set us free An abduction is much longer and more horrific than the one through which one had to free oneself Corrupt That robs us of everything every day Hope And that they have Colombia Poor “

Betancourt Y. Hernandez Share a general speech of struggle against Corruption And looting, and against traditional politics and what former senators have called “instruments.”

In a statement from his party, Oxygen Green, he assured that they had signed an agreement “in the firm belief that there is more to the two candidates than just what separates them in terms of what they have to offer.” Colombian And Colombians An option Of the President Bring them closer to one another Philosophy It’s about managing the people morally, and fighting relentlessly against politics and the corruption that comes from it. “

The Leftist Gustavo Petro All polls follow first, with the intention of getting about 40% of the vote, when Hernandez It rose to third place and with 20.9%, according to the firm Invamare, it may surpass the second, the right, on May 29. Frederick GuterresWhich gives this poll 27.1%.

That’s it Hernandez It’s “six percentage points away.”GuterresA return that opens up new space to face The first episode Of Presidential electionWhich will take place in ten days, and above all very possible Second round.

Indeed, a second petro dispute would give him one Massive victory The former mayor of Medellin with 52.7% compared to 44.2% in the first, if the game is between the two Petro Y. Hernandez The distance will be shortened to about 50% and 47.4% respectively.

Betancourt He is the second candidate after the former governor of Antioch to withdraw from the race Luis PerezAnd so the six candidates who left the election with ambition to reach Narino House.

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