By Charles Ouma

Teachers, parents and students of St. John’s Muyafwa Secondary School in Matayos Constituency, Busia County have appealed to the government to come to the aid of the school which faces acute shortage of infrastructure.

Started in 2015, the school has few classrooms, kitchen, teachers’ offices and dining hall.

The principal’s office is used also as a library, laboratory and store.

“Because of lack of library and laboratory, we are forced to use my office for the purpose,” explains the school principal Josephine Omoto, adding that students are forced to use the mud-walled kitchen as their dining hall since the school has none.

Ms. Omoto, together with the chairperson of the Board of Management (BoM) chairperson Winston Mbanda, have also cited lack of clean water in the school as another challenge that has affected the education standards,

“The students are forced to walk as far as three kilometres to look for water and this eats into their learning time thus poor results.”

The challenges have caused the school to greatly fail to produce a single candidate to join university since it was established in 2015.

That’s why this year the teachers, parents and students were delighted after it produced the first two students to join university.

The two students Rodgers Wabwire Makokha and Dan Obiero, who got B- and C+ respectively, thanked their teachers and the BoM for their immense support,

“Our teachers were so supportive. They could come to class every time and teach us apart from giving us moral support,” noted Makokha.

The school population has also remained low due to the challenges despite being in a rich catchment area; with the current total school population stands at one hundred and one students.

They beseech the government and well-wishers to help the school build more classrooms, library, and laboratory, as well as get clean water.


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