Environmental authorities, academics, Riobamba municipality and drinking water companies are looking for solutions. Photo: Modesto Moreta / EL Commerceo

At least nine sewerage systems collect them Waste water And goes through this river without treatment Riobamba. Ecologists have condemned the construction of other collectors with the same purpose in the sector St. Louis. The municipality denies it.

Martin Tello knows its water Chibunga river -Which he irrigates his beet, coriander, chamomile, broccoli, potato and lettuce crops- Contaminated. It has been using vital fluids for 25 years in the El Batan sector in the south Riobamba.

This is the tributary whose origin Chimborajo River And combines with that Sikalpa Takes its name Chibunga260,000 people receive untreated wastewater from industries and hospitals.

Tello and other families irrigate their crops with ocher-colored and foul-smelling water coming through the ditches. It contains garbage, chemical containers, plastics, dead animals, and other wastes.

Nancy Veloz, researcher High Polytechnic School Of Chimborazo, Between 2013 and 2017, conducted a study on river pollution from its sources, tributaries and cities, through which it reached the Chambo River, between 2013 and 2017. Also streams, tributaries, flora and fauna.

Within three years, the study found that 46 km of roadways, used for irrigation of vegetables and livestock water, were highly contaminated with chemicals (fertilizers such as organophosphate, car lubricants, heavy metals) and organic matter. Human and animal feces).

In addition, the flow is reduced because people use resources without allocation.

The results show that Chibunga It is one of the four most polluted rivers in the country. Others are: the He, Emerald; The capitals of Tungurhua are Latakunga and Katuchi in Ambato.

Researchers emphasize that treatment is useless if the discharge continues. “You have to control the pollution in the whole micro-basin of the river and not treat it in the end.”

More pollution

Since last year, Gina Alvarez, head of the laboratory, has conducted another study on microplastics. Quality Of Water Of Espoch. It will be ready in the next few months. ‚ÄúThere is no microplastic in tributary water only; But also in watery foods, such as lemons, vegetables and fruits. “

Taken on tour Trade Garbage and construction waste from Los Shiris, Santa Teresita, La Florida, El Baton, and other areas has been found to accumulate on river banks. Collectors, in addition, pour their plague water into the stream. This caused a strong stench in Chibunga Linear Park. There are feeds from two canals for crop irrigation.

Martin Escobar, coordinator of the Los Shiris Ecological Club from Riobamba, walks through the place. Through the Mingara, they collected rubbish on the banks of the river and at the entrance to the Yaruquis.

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. Which will further pollute the river.

Relief measures

For them, the municipality and the Reobomber (Emaper) Drinking Water and Sewerage Agency are speeding up the process of building an intervening collector and a refinery. It will cost 33 million.

Pablo Romero, director Public works Of MunicipalityHe said he got a loan from the mayor before the epidemic State Bank For that amount of it.

An interceptor collector will be created that will collect wastewater from all pipes stored in the tributary and point it to the wastewater treatment plant at Pentas in San Luis Parish.

The San Luis Collectorate is also under construction, which will primarily work on rainwater harvesting. “In the sense that there is misinformation that it will pollute the river, it will collect rainwater from the La Libertad sector until a treatment plant is built.”

#Video | Pollution affects the deterioration of 182 currents in the capital. Https://bit.ly/3M4LT8f

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