Jennifer Torres is hoping for a D 600 loan for a business Went through the 2021 census to get the bonus. Photo: Enrique Pesantes / EL COMERCIO

The only fixed income in Anna Yagual’s house Bonding Of Human development (BDH). The rest came “out of mercy” and they don’t call it futile.

Nearby is the apartment where she lives with her three children The rising sun To the west Guayaquil, They are hired by the Joining Evangelical Church. They donated their only table, a kitchen and equipment.

“The first thing I would buy with a USD 50 bonus is a quintal of rice. I also pay for electricity and water, ”he said as he chopped off the last onion he had left on a rare day of unemployment.

He is making the only meal of the day. Anna joins two more families from the church to have a “joint lunch” every day. “So, for our reality, growth is a help,” he says.

1,009,26 beneficiaries since July BDH In the country they will increase by 5 USD. This would be USD 55 per month, reaching 197,500 Indigenous, Afro-Ecuadorian and Montuvius peoples, representing 19.5%.

The measure was announced by the President William Lasso Among the packages he launched to try to quell the protests was a technical calculation defended by the minister. Economic inclusion Y. SocialEsteban Bernal.

Increasing 10% to USD 50, he explained that they have analyzed indicators such as the cost of important family baskets, which stood at USD 522.70, as of May 2022. A year ago it was USD 501.51.

Square figures

The increase is significant for Bernal. “While this increase is not seen as a way to meet the basic needs of the basket, it must be understood that the bonus is an economic relief for people in poverty and extreme poverty situations.”

But Damien Rodriguez has assured that Amount That’s it Insufficient. The economic analyst started by creating profiles of families receiving BDH, with an average of 4.5 members. Of these, 3.29 members work in the informal sector (79%) and their combined income does not exceed USD 450 per month.

The bonus represents 28% of that amount and will add 2% to the increase, as he explained. But only annual inflation (May 2021 to May 2022) reached 3.38%.

Anna Yagual and Luz Rodriguez shared a meal preparation.  Both have been receiving bonuses since last January.  Photo: Enrique Pesantes / EL COMERCIO
Anna Yagual and Luz Rodriguez shared a meal preparation. Both have been receiving bonuses since last January. Photo: Enrique Pesantes / EL COMERCIO

That percentage Inflation Similar Increase Of Family basket. Vegetable oils, lentils and coriander are some of the products whose prices have gone up. That’s why analysts conclude that inflation is about 1.5 times higher than bond growth. “If a technical increase is made, there will be at least an additional USD 10 to cover the effects of inflation.”

Minister Bernal likes to see the global picture: USD 30.2 million Investment For the rest of the year. He emphasized, however, that it was “a relief”.

“If it were to cover the minimum requirements, the quantities would be different. We don’t have to look for suitable jobs anymore, but we will deliver Basic wages; Which is economically and financially impossible. “

This year, 188,000 new families were added to the bond, including the family of Luz Rodriguez, a neighbor of Anna Yagual. Instead, Sonia Garecova, the older adult who joins them to cook together, stops taking it; In the final review, 110,000 households were excluded.

“She needs it because she lives in a house with a dirty floor,” Luz said of her friend, explaining how she struggles every day to support her six children. “We bought food with bonus. Growth will help us. ”

Looking for initiatives

From economic analyst Guillermo Granja, Ecotech University, Does not deny that USD 1 is significant for the poorest families. But he cautioned that you should not worry about wishful thinking, as inflation would surpass USD 5 at the end of the month. “The worst tax for any population is inflation, because it reduces purchasing power.” For Granja, the final solution is Job creation.

Jennifer Torres has received a bonus and is applying for a loan. Wants Open a business Fast food in front of his house in the mountains St. EdwardTo the west guayaquileñoBecause selling the catalog is a small income for her two children.

“They are selling a cart for making sausage, but I have not decided yet. Previously, a portion was priced at USD 0.50 and now it is 0.75 USD due to shortage of potatoes. “Before credit approval, beneficiaries go through investment training.

Anna’s kitchen steaming pot announces that lunch is almost ready and if the ingredients are enough, there will be enough for snacks as well. He plans to sell sweets again, although he does not have an oven or refrigerator at the moment. “But I have an automatic refrigerator,” he says, pointing to an ice drawer under the counter.

The leader of the National Peasants’ Movement (MNC) stated that the group does not support any protests. Https://

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