According to analysts and tribal sector leaders, it was stronger than the 2019 coalition. Photo: Konai’s Twitter

Organizations promoted by the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (No) Has strengthened the unity of second tier companies, especially in Central Sierra and Amazon. According to analysts and tribal sector leaders, it was stronger than that Consolidation Of 2019.

However, they assure that this force may crack with the advent of elections, as the parties and Political movement At the national level they will look for the heroes of the organization to take them to the ranks.

Luis Fernando Suarez, a political analyst and professor at the University of Ambateno, says two possible situations could arise. The first is politicians who can Fractions For the tribal movement that is the reason why many leaders will appear as candidates or express annoyance during salaried appointments or elections. Candidacy No one is divided in the political branch of the Pachakutik movement.

The second context is that there is unity among the national leadership because no, Confenia And phenytoin worked equally well in 18 days Stoppage And stay united in your social struggles regardless of politics. “Unity may be fleeting as negotiations last, then new biased ideological divisions may emerge.”

President of the Federation of Evangelical Indigenous Peoples of Tungurahua (AIET), Antonio joins Suarez at Aunt Canton. He noted that in all movements the indigenous sector, in its social struggle, became stronger because it benefited the people of Ecuador as a whole, despite social, political and economic inequalities.

He explained that the purpose was to stay united Rights All Ecuadorians. “There are no winners or losers, but if the government is equally present in all cases, it will be a positive thing.”

He confirms that political issues respect diversity and Evangelical People’s Federation They have no political hand to participate in the elections. There are political movements but they do not unite all the tribals. “In politics we respect the standards of every leader or candidate who wants to take part in a political party or movement.”

For Kotopaksi’s Indigenous and Peasant Movement Youth Leaders (MICC), Louis Vargas, The Indigenous Movement has become stronger because all youth groups and from all sectors have joined the movement such as university students, workers, transport and part of the people of the city. Which adds more energy to him Social struggle.

He thinks that the unity that has been achieved on political issues will not be broken. “Kotopaxi and our strength Central region It’s a reunion of all first- and second-class bases, and the leadership has worked together more than in the social struggle since 2019. ”

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