With the defeat, Independiente del Valle is in third place with 26 points. Photo: Valley Independent Twitter

Valley is independent Lost the chance to be Leader Of Tournament And compromise his chances of winning the stage. The team led by Renato Pivor lost 1-0 Mushuk rune.

Pichinchar cadre was in control and Dr. Possession of the ball In the early stages. The strikers were connected by pass and they would go to their opponent’s court.

The arrival was permanent but the definition was not present. Similarly, the Sangolqui team has resorted Velocity His Side rufflesEspecially on the right.

Del Val’s pressure on the Independent was such that even defenders like Mate Karabajal were encouraged to practice shots. The player did so in the 38th minute from outside the area but could not beat Adonis Pavan, a quiet performer during the match.

Mushuk runeRepeatedly trying to get out, but the ball is divided. Thus, Independiente del Valle restores it until they neutralize its attack. After that, the process was repeated. Opponents’ marks suffocate them as they try to get out with small touches.

For him The second timeThe trend was on, but Mushuk was with Runa Efficacy. Independiente’s offensive pace led him to leave open space behind him and open up to the defensive zone.

That ‘panchito’ was able to find Kickback In that first half they were elusive and thus annoyed his opponent. Sebastian Giordana Tungurahua led the team to victory in the 61st minute.

The The only goal Of Match On the left came from a quick exit. After a center towards the opposite band, they dropped the ball to the Argentine striker, who entered through the middle and should have just pushed it.

In the last minute, Independiente del Valle’s action and attack were useless to the opponent’s good defense. With Defeat They missed the opportunity to equalize or exceed the points BarcelonaChampionship leader.

Mushuk Runa has risen to 11th place and has 16 units on the table. Independiente del Valle is in third place with 26 points, Catholic University It has surpassed Barcelona by one point in goal difference.


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