Assembly Ronnie Alega Saint (Union for Hope, unes) This Friday, June 3, 2022 issued a statement, where he gave details Photography More than one Meeting With other people you keep Miami, USA The MLA mentioned that he had delivered Incorrect information About that moment, between questions correism About who was accompanying the MP to a meeting inside a swimming pool.

Among those present were Dr. Xavier JordanSingle out for his obvious involvement Crime Investigation in Ecuador. The Entrepreneur The alleged illegality of the purchase is investigated for the plot Medical equipmentAbout this Daniel Salcedo. The latter was taken prisoner and is serving a sentence in Quito.

In a statement broadcast on Alega’s social networks, the assemblyman said he had “traveled the country together with my girlfriend and we had attended a family celebration with him where Mr Javier Jordan was present”. According to the MP, although the person under investigation appears in the photographs, “he does not associate me with his activities, his legal status is much lower.”

The A’League said it did not provide specific information

Alega Also part The highest organ Of Assembly: Board of Directors of the Legislature (Lime) According to the assembly of document no. Gave information Precisely when he got a spot in a media outlet and apologized to his team.

“I publicly apologize to the people of Ecuador, to our leader Rafael Correa And above all, with our militants. ” The MLA assured that he would submit to biased discipline and said that “I will respond to the call of the Ethics Commission.”

Aleaga’s photo Correa responds

A day before the statement, the A’League had planned to hold a press conference to discuss the matter, but it was canceled. The assembly has asked the former president about possible links between Coresta and those investigated by the judiciary. Rafael Correa On his Twitter account, he wrote in response to a follower who asked him to explain “moral and ethical” in taking pictures.

Korea wrote: “Very clear: this is not moral or ethical. We have just had a very difficult RC5 (civil revolution political movement) meeting. I was not informed. Like this, JordanI had Order Of Prison. That changed the whole thing. Our ethics committee is going to investigate. Sadly, Assemblyman Alega Of course Explanation to the country

As of 12 noon on Friday, representatives of political groups had not commented on the A’League’s statement or whether they would do anything. Process Inside correista movement.

Lori, currently a member of the legislature in Guadalupe, was upset and spoke out against the impeachment process. Identify those responsible »

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