George Glass was transferred to Quito Prison 4 for security reasons, according to the Interior Ministry. Photo: Carlos Noriga / EL Commerceo

Friday, May 20, 2022, Emptiness Of Habeas corpus Rewarded in April George Glass. The court in Santa Elena therefore decided and he was transferred to the Kotopaxi Rehabilitation Center and then to Quito. Jail 4.

About this Carlos and IanuzelliJudge Soledad Manosalvas Salazar, a specialized judicial unit for the penitentiary guarantee, April 15, rejected the request for alternative measures.

Until Saturday, May 21, both the deprived of freedom are in the establishment of the capital.

Glass was moved to the site in December 2021, after the request was not accepted Application From Habeas corpusContinue to the place.

Sources in the National Service for Personnel Deprived of Liberty (SNAI) confirmed the newspaper. Similarly, they detail that Glass and Perez are not in the same pavilion, but in D and A, respectively.

The Former Vice President There is Two Strong words Against him Bribery case And that of the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht.

A third, similar Singu processAvailable Appeal. The hearing has been adjourned several times and a final date has not yet been announced. A process for child support is also pending.

For his part, former hydrocarbon minister and former Petroquador manager Dr. Three sentences For the crime of bribery, embezzlement and illicit intercourse.

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