The scene of Coach Rafael Soriano What? Humiliation With a Header Per Judge Line, Marseille Neto. The attack happened during the quarter-finals Championship Territories of the State Holy Spirit, Inside Brazil. This happens Anger To the clubs Football And participants.

The attacker too Threats Per Judge Soriano says he did not make any aggression and that Case If she accuses him. Your statement Left Registered Educational tv, The match is being broadcast on Sunday, April 10, 2022.

Faced with this incident, hours later, The The Brazilian Deportivo Ferroviaria Club has announced End Agreement From him Technical And a statement reported that “rejects any and all types ViolenceWhether physical, verbal, moral or emotional, mainly against Women

We express our solidarity with the assistant referee Marseille Neto And we provide for what we need, ”the club added in a note.

The coach denied the attack

The Humiliation, Whose image has had a profound effect on R.Social media, Occurred in a quarterfinal match of the so-called Capixaba Championship in a small town New Venice. During the match, the Railway Sports It was Move From Petni Those who lead 3-1 against their opponents Semifinals.

Dissatisfied with the referee’s decision to blow the whistle at the end of the first half, when his team was about to take a corner kick, Soriano attacked the field with several of his players. Judge Arthur Gomez Rabello.

After facing Judge And as he was about to leave the court, the coach hit the judge in the face with a header. Torture covers the face after being humiliated. The assailant expelled him immediately.

Soriano denies that he attacked, blamed Confusion An accident and the judge said he wanted to take advantage of the situation as his dignity Women.

Soccer club rejects aggression

The Espirito Santo State Football Federation A statement said it had launched an investigation and would implement it Prohibition Strictly due.

The federation said in its note that it “rejects any violence” and would give the judge its full support.

The Club Nova Venice He revealed himself on his official Instagram account: “There is no rationale for aggression

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