According to international media, Shakira and PK have reunited. Photo: Internet

According to Podcast ‘Mamarajis’, Shakira discovers PKK in the middle of a relationship with a 20-year-old girl, which is why they would separate. This Friday, June 3, 2022, we tell you that this relationship was discovered between Barranquilla and a Spanish football player.

Although none of this Two Given Statement According to rumors in the media, PK is currently living in his bachelor apartment in Barcelona.

Indeed, the entertainment media highlights that, recently, he went to the house they shared as a married couple and had to ring, as it seems he no longer has the keys to his family residence.

A team of photojournalists demonstrated this ‘Europe Press’Who also recorded in photographs Shakira and PK They are gone together Property And they got on one The car As they left, reporters asked if they were in the process of separating, but none of them responded.

Relationships and marriage

It should be remembered that the marriage had previously suffered a sensitive crisis, as in 2017, some paparazzi recorded an uncomfortable fight, where Shakira ended up crying at a restaurant where they were eating.

On the other hand, in the past Gerard Pique has been photographed entering bars and clubs with different women.

According to ‘Europe Press’The Catalan defender not only met Shakira, but also met her A truck With Nidia del Carmen Ripol, the mother of the Barranquilla singer.

They are on social networks Guess That this is an attempt to manage the crisis and perhaps continue the relationship. To date, neither Shakira nor PK have commented on the rumors, but fans of the singer have mentioned that she has stopped following her husband on all social networks.

PK and Shakira are at the center of the controversy. According to a Spanish medium, the FC Barcelona footballer was unfaithful to the singer. This couple is known »

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