Representatives of the Ecuadorian Medical Federation and the Pichincha College of Physicians met with the Minister of Health on May 30, 2022. Photo: Twitter Ministry of Health

From both discomfort and demands Patients Likes Doctor By Lack of medicine In government and IESS hospitals, it has been a constant over the last year.

In June 2021, the first Protest Of Doctor Y. Nurse Due to shortage of medicines and supplies.

At the time, Vice President Alfredo Borrero visited about 40 public health houses in the country and acknowledged that “the health system is deplorable.”

During his visit, he verified Complaint Of Health workers On the lack of medicine and supplies, which deepened due to the crisis Covid-19.

“Health is a national emergency. The reality of the country’s health has been dragging on for a long time, ”he said in July last year.

He said the government would intervene 15 government hospitals Aiming to optimize care, ensure drug supply and eliminate corruption.

The problem remains

One year on, the situation in the hospitals has not changed but the crisis has intensified. What they do from this assurance Ecuadorian Medical Federation (FME), which is group 23 Medical College.

The first joint complaint was lodged on 26 May. Representatives of the Physicians’ Association of Government Hospitals in Quito have expressed concern about the shortage of supplies and medicines.

Juan Bariga, president of the Pablo Arturo Suarez Hospital Physicians’ Association, noted that public health centers Health is urgent Because patients do not have what they need for treatment.

That is added Problems With Equipment Not working or obsolete, Tied surgery Complexity even in infrastructure of facilities. That is why they have appealed to the government To announce Inside Urgent From Method Public health.

On the same day, Health Minister Jimena Garzin responded to doctors’ complaints and assured that there was no need to declare a state of emergency in the area.

“We do not deny that there are flaws in the health sector, we have some problems and we are working on it,” Garzan said.

Since then, the officer added Ministry of Health They are willing to listen to the unions, “as long as they contribute with ideas to improve health”.

Meeting with the Ecuador Medical Federation

On May 30, representatives of the FME and the Medical Association a Meeting With Garzon where the health situation was addressed.

That’s where it came from Four contracts One of which is creation Mixed supervision For hospital supplies and follow-up Appointment Under which was conducted Humanitarian law.

Following the meeting, representatives of FMEs and medical colleges gave the government a 15-day ultimatum to appoint staff to administrative positions as well as to address any issues such as shortage of medicines, supplies and medical devices. Special and work stability.

Wilson Tenorio, its president FMEThis is out First year Of Government Some aspects of hospitals have been neglected, which has been created Discomfort In Staff Sanitary Which gives “frequent testimony of serious situations”.

Tenorio reiterated that they are waiting Approach The address becomes a reality within 15 days, otherwise, a decision is not overturned. Consolidation Where others will also participate Social groups.

The representative informed that Vice President Borrero Promised to be the guarantor, although they are expecting an appointment with the President William Lasso.

Meanwhile, the Health Minister It was mentioned in the meeting with FME that Base And they already have one Diagnosis To work to solve what is happening in the country.

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