Traders said oil prices would continue to rise. Photo: Orlando Silva / EL Commerceo

For 6 years, Carlos Beltran and his wife Gladys Carrera have been shopping here. Central market, In the center of Quito. They carried the covers in their hands this Tuesday, May 17, 2022, after the tour Products What? Acquired: Vegetables, meat, onions, potatoes etc.

Beltran says they visit some places Market To look for Good price Y. Products. They used to have a loyal ‘family’, but now they are seeing others as the price of the product increases Options Stall Different.

Each time his wife, Gladys, commented Food They have more Expensive And sometimes shopping is hard. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities Increase The Price What is he? Oil. The value has increased in recent months Frequency.

“It is difficult to buy today Oil It used to cost USD 1.50 and now it’s around USD 3 or more, “said Beltran.

A tour conducted by this magazine, discomfort Merchant Y. Buyers It is Central market About him Price Of Oil. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya Dealer They mentioned in that picture Growth will continue.

Price and earnings vary

Patricia Gordon, President Central marketFor that said Merchant Oil prices are alarming. Kaneka, which he bought a month ago for 39 39, rose to 54 54 in the first half of May. He uses it in his food business. Products For Set up The Plate.

Gordon noted, “Sometimes there are comments Increase Is due to increase Price Of Palm And others say it’s War Inside Ukraine

Although prices have risen MaterialThe merchant assures that he has not yet raised the standard of his food to adjust Demand Of Users. However, it is difficult for him to keep what he wants Products. In your case, you prefer to charge for containers than before Is delivered free.

“We have Increase The price of the product has to be taken away – first To charge Tub, now I charge 0.25 cents which is a very small margin to try to get Revenue. If we used to earn 0.10 cents, now we only earn 0.02 cents, “said Gordon.

Daniela Zapata, who visits the market every 15 days Shopping Said from home, he uses less now Oil Among them Food. He said he has identified that the price has been up for four months Going upstairs And it’s getting harder and harder to carry Food In it Home.

Like other users, the woman decided to switch to Brand Plus Economic And buy small oils. He says that in this way he manages to reach the budget of what he pays for his purchases.

In one Local Marcela Morales works at the entrance to this supply center. Salesmen point out that oil prices have risen Increase At about $ 1.20. The Merchant That said, although the cost has increased, it keeps the price because it has a product Previous batch. However, he knows he has to run out of stock Purchase The Material More expensive, since they told him that sunflower oil would be USD 4.20 to USD 6 in the next installment.

Morales agrees that Increase Its price Oil It has been going on continuously for four months. He says his supplier, who goes every eight days, tells him that if the product reaches USD 2.80 it will go up to USD 3.60.

“Prices were directed to customers. When they want Oil USD 1 – which was a cover-, they were told that it now costs around USD 1.50 People tell me what they like Fried Certain things like chicken, meat or fish, nothing more, ”said the merchant.

A few meters from Central marketIn one Winery Jenny Amaya has been working for 7 years. He said four or five months ago Price The oil has risen. It says that before, in a box, the profit was USD 4 and now it is USD 2.

“People here are looking for the lowest prices Cheap. If someone goes too high, they go and find out where the more stock is and until they are at a better price The end Those Products. A few months ago I was selling a 900-ml oil at USD 1.25 and now it is at USD 2.70.

Amaya assures that now she only manages one brand Oil In between Shop. A few months ago, the box of this product was around 13 US dollars, now it has risen to 28 US dollars. They further informed him that it would return in the third week of May. Increase The Price.

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