Dozens of dogs have been evicted from their shelter in Quito. Photo courtesy

This Friday, June 3, 2022, at Social communication Promotes a video where it is clear that 270 dogs They were evicted from there Shelter Inside Quito.

This property is located Calderon Sector And was in charge Friends of Isabella Shelter. According to preliminary information, Quito Municipality has failed to keep its promise Donate land For foundation.

In Myth Agents said a woman’s voice was heard in the video The police To persuade the shelter managers, they beat the dogs and brought them out of the canal.

Page Facebook The Foundation points out that they are “a shelter full of love, designed to rescue, support, care for, and care for puppies in vulnerable situations. More than 200 dogs visit us; and what they need most is a home.”

Penalties for abandoning pets

According to Ordinance 048 In the municipality of Quito, the abandonment of a pet makes an assumption Fine From 10 Wages Basic Unified, which is similar to this until December 16th $ 4,000.

According to a survey conducted by teachers, researchers and students of the College of Biological and Environmental Sciences (Cooking) Universidad San Francisco de Quito in the capital has one abandoned dog for every 22 inhabitants.

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