Crossfire with automatic rifle. Thick shell coverings were scattered on the floor and courtyard of the highest security pavilion. Jail From Turi. Wreck walls, doors and windows Projectile.

Where agents still track the site Mafia They hid The arms issue has been confirmed to have been a dispute between the same members Criminal organization Get all To be able to In Pavilion.

According to police reports, the gang had been in power since February 2021. Members of the network attacked that month Leaders Of others Organization That historically Controlled Is Jail. Since then, this new mafia, which manages Prison From Guayaquil, Latakunga And Emerald Has imposed a lifestyle on its prisoners Turi.

Recent events

They are in charge after being caught last year Classification From Captive, Feeding And door control in the department. This was confirmed by two pension officers who spoke to this newspaper yesterday. One of them indicated that he had worked at the center until the end of last year. “It’s nine o’clock Pavilion And each one has one Boss. We didn’t have access to the room because there were only a few of us. All these authorities were informed, “he said.

Increase in guide report report Officers From Rehabilitation. A 526-page document describes life in the Turi prison. It is ensured that food, financed by ConditionIt is delivered to the door Pavilion From Leaders. “It simply came to our notice then Private From Freedom. We have been told yes. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Similarly, it is pointed out that detainees are not carried based on the level of segregation Dangerous Or crime. Each prisoner must be associated with one Criminal gang And Tattooed Them Symbol.

This has been confirmed by Nelsa Curbelo, a member Commission From Pacification In prison he has visited this and other prisons and revealed that tattoos have been made against the will of the inmates. In addition, they are with it Uncertain supply And Unhealthy. Now, those tattoos are also part of that feature Criminalism Analyzes to identify bodies.

Lack of control

On the other hand, the report indicates that the doors of the mandapa are operated by the prisoners themselves. Until February 2021, agents controlled those accesses, but with conflicts that month System Left Damaged To date

There are 6 cells in each pavilion of El Turi Prison. All but six of them have a capacity of sixMaxim bWhich was enough for one person in each room Dangerous.

But official reports indicate that the area was also affected and disabled.

For all this information, now To be able to Of Mafia I grew up in it Jail And there are security experts behind them International structure.

Wagner Bravo, former Chief of Staff Armed forcesSaid that this new act of violence should be investigated whether a guess Turi It’s a delusion for mafias to make another specific Illegal activity In The road.

“Those who are imprisoned follow the orders of other leaders who are out. It may be that this is a strategy Government And Forces Focus on the prison and you can take drugs across the border, “said Bravo.

The Government Has announced that it will allocate USD 75 million for social rehabilitation over the next four years. Five deals worth ৩ 3.8 million have already been signed in the last six months. But there are many shortcomings. On Turi They do not serve Scanner Of the object or Physical. The car was also damaged.

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