The car review is expected to begin in the first week of July. Photo: File / EL Commerce

The Metropolitan Agency Of Transit (AMT) reported this Tuesday, June 28, that in the first days of July 2022 Vehicle inspection Inside Quito.

According to the statement, July begins with plates 1 and 2, August 3 and 4, September 5 and 6, October 7 and 9, November 9 and 0.

AMT Director Silvana Vallejo said that in the first half of 2022, 88,107 amendments were made to the already registered vehicles which Passed reviews in other cantons.

These vehicles were domain transfers, new and commercial transport.

In Metropolitan District Of Quito 56,908 vehicles did not cross Reconsideration Vehicles for this reason AMT Yards and mobile lines have started leasing activities to serve the users.

It is expected that in the first half of 2023, approximately 308,442 users will request vehicle registration and inspection services.

Quito called for a rally depending on the situation NoRegistration center will be activated Official platform And websites Where shifts can be requested.

The Quito Municipality It is informed that technical inspection of correctional facilities has already been completed to ensure its good condition. Infrastructure.

Valejo Also mentioned Fine By Violation Of Schedule And assured that “the process was done to avoid levying fines for non-compliance with the schedule and for this, alternatives were offered with other nearby cantons” especially for vehicles that did not pass the vehicle inspection in 2021.

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