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Its health authority City-state Berlin This Saturday, May 21, two cases were reported Monkey pox In the German capital, confirmed infections have brought three Germany.

“It simply came to our notice then Two cases of monkeypox in Berlin. However, the idea is in the next few days There will be more infections. The condition of the patients is stable, “the regional health department said in a statement.

Contact persons are currently being established and will be informed of their possible symptoms, hygiene measures and route of infection.

Running sequencing will determine if this is the case Africa Strain Western or African, he adds.

“No need to fear new epidemics”

The head of regional health, Ulrik Gote, assured that “There is no reason to panicBut yes for caution, since many scientific conclusions about the disease are still early due to its low frequency.

“Experts estimate that There is no need to fear a new epidemic. But we must work to identify and capture the spread quickly and consistently, “he added.

Abnormal outbreaks

Leif Eric Sander, director of the hospital’s infectology clinic at Charity Hospital in Berlin, noted that “current dynamics The prevalence of monkeypox is unusual And so it must be taken very seriously ”until the chain of transmission and the route of transmission are better determined and effectively prevented.

He stressed that what is being observed at the moment is “an inconsistent savings Monkeypox infection in menEspecially after having sex with other men.

Meanwhile, the German Armed Forces Institute of Microbiology was able to determine if it was confirmed in the first case of monkeypox in Germany on Friday. Mild variant of the virusThe Strain of West Africa.

The patient is a 26-year-old Brazilian man who traveled from Portugal to Germany via Spain and stayed in Munich for about a week; He was in Dেলsseldorf and Frankfurt before coming to the Bavarian capital.

What is a monkeypox? How does it spread? WHO is monitoring this unusual disease which is already spreading in at least four countries. Https://

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