More than 2,100 Weapons There was a fire Destruction This Tuesday in Ecuador Forces ArmedAbout 1,000 items, including those seized, were confiscated and voluntarily handed over to the weapons control center.

The Destruction Of Weapons This happened after regulatory storage time had elapsed and it was declared obsolete.

This Perseverance Tuesday morning, April 26, 2022 was held at the company’s facility ANDEC SAAccording to the coastal town of Guayaquil, located in the southwest Joint Command Of Armed forces It’s a statement.

In short, he explained that there were 2,012 lethal firearms, 137 non-lethal firearms and 1,093 accessories.

“This element, the object of control, the joint command of the armed forces is destroyed once and for all. I have received legal approval from the Ministry of National Defense, ”he stressed.

And he reminded the common man of the obligation to carry Valid documents For the use and transportation of weapons.

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