Its mandatory use Mask Quenka is still in force. In these two years of the epidemic Covid-19 The Municipal Citizen Guard It has issued 1,753 notices for people who do not wear masks in public spaces.

The Mask Requirements Ordinance, which regulates the temporary prevention, control, mitigation and control system in Canton, was approved by the Covid-19 Health Emergency, which was approved on April 15, 2020.

Article 3 establishes that all people, residents or pedestrians, must wear a mask or other protective material that covers the nose and mouth outside their home and throughout the canton.

In addition, when mobility is carried inside a vehicle, all its passengers must use the indicated components. The Citizen Guard is responsible for controlling, persuading or approving through its agents.

Those approved and fined

In the eight months to 2020, 1,020 notifications were issued since the legal body went into effect, down from 575 in 2021 and 155 between January and March 2022.

Canton has a population of 637,000 inhabitants. The economic penalty for this violation is 25% of the Unified Basic Salary. E.g., 106.25 2022 current fee which is USD 425).

Also, agents recruited more than 22,000 people to properly wear masks. The company works with 50 uniformed officers in eight-hour shifts a day. Teams are responsible for monitoring and alerting people who comply with the health system.

In addition, they have a specialized unit responsible for preparing citizen data and parts of violations, including photos or videos. The pictures are distributed to the municipal approval unit, which must conduct the collection of economic fines.

The purpose of the municipality is never to impose fines but to persuade citizens, but many people have ignored the current rules, Citizen Guard officials said on May 2, 2022.

The highest numbers of offenders were identified at El Arenal Free Fair, markets and parks, where more people gathered at the same time.

#Video | A long line of vehicles was recorded on RioBamba – Cuenca Road, this Monday, May 2, the last day of the holiday. Https://

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