Regular checkups are essential. A timely check-up can warn of other complications. Photo: Enrique Pesantes / EL COMERCIO

That morning Juan went to bed and noticed something strange. His left arm was paralyzed and although he tried to raise it, he could not. It happened two years ago in a chaotic health situation Extreme.

“It was her first stroke and then she had another at the hospital,” recalls her daughter Mayra Naranjo. The Previous It was clear, but he refused to pay attention. “It simply came to our notice then Blood pressure. Some time ago his record was 300, extremely high. That sudden eruption left her neck numb and she has been through half the treatment ever since.

40% of In the case High blood pressure can end unmedicated a Stroke (CVA). This is an image provided by Ernesto Penahrera, head of the Luis Vernaza Cardiology Service, as they receive two to three patients per day. Urgent. “It’s usually between older people and the diagnosis we find that they don’t control their stress.”

120/80 An optimal blood pressure in adults. When that range is triggered, then Intense pumping Suddenly a frozen or greasy plate can push stuck Arteries Clogging or rupture of small blood vessels in the brain.

Obstacle or Bleeding Will trigger Oxygen deficiency And Death Of Cells In the affected area. Them EffectSuch disabilities and other neurological problems will depend on the extent and location of the damage.

Go from John Paraplegic. Over time, its support Therapy And rescued part of his family’s support Mobility.

So Work in a timely manner Can give a good forecast. About two million neurons die every minute since its inception The first signs: Paralysis, loss of sensation, lack of energy in one half of the body, difficulty speaking.

Operators of the Integrated Security System ECU-911 received 10,938 such alert calls between 2019 and 2021. Emergency peak Happened in 2019, 3,931 requests for assistance Stroke.

One year later there was a 14% reduction, in the midst of the epidemic, which prioritized medical care Covid-19. But Mortality Increasingly, the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INEC) reported 495 more stroke deaths in 2020 than in 2019. This disease has remained one of the last 25 years. Chief The cause of death Ecuador.

Of the 911 call reports, one was from January to April this year Increase 3% compared to the first four months of 2021.

The Average From Caution 1223 in the first quarter of the last four years. Guas It tops the rankings with an average of 700 alerts per year. Follows him PichinchaWith about 500 and then Ajuye With about 400 warnings.

One week ago, ECU-911 signed an agreement with the Vice President of the Republic to train 1,600 officials. ID Of Symptoms Of a Stroke And provides an initial response to the patient’s work or family environment. Part of this training Work with speedA Campaign That would save lives not only for doctors but also for schoolchildren and company collaborators.

Penaherera explained that in the first 12 hours a response is needed, during which time an artery must be opened and examined. Blood pressure Do not drop suddenly to allow the body’s natural compensation process to work to repair the damage. “Within the first few hours, 80% of the lost power can be recovered.”

Work on the pace began in March. Another target is 30 hospitals Ministry of Health And IES To be certified as Stroke preparation center And provide timely care and have the equipment ready.

There has already been an IES hospital in Ambato Certificate. Here they have applied Stroke codeWhich allows them to intervene in treatment within an average of 42 minutes, reducing the impact of future complications.

Its propaganda Vice President It also clarifies the Ministry of Sports and Education, to minimize the symptoms and to teach Healthy style The life of the population. Moira needs to pay attention to this Resistance. “And you have to do it with the youngest from 16 years old.”

His father is 80 years old; It was a few weeks ago Hospitalized For a new stroke. A tomography reveals a series Cerebral microinfarksSilent, which now complicates their predictions.

“This new blockage could kill more neurons and take away more functions,” he said. He does not speak anymore, but his family believes he will recover.

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