Imports have grown rapidly with the 4×4 system since the USD 42 rate was dropped in June 2021. Photo: Archive / EL COMERCIO

Lucia Vasconage. Editor (I)

The Import Through ‘Courier‘, Known 4 × 4 systemHas grown rapidly since the middle of last year.

According to him Ecuador’s National Customs Service (Senae), in April 2022, 95,115 package entries were registered as compared to 7,338 packages in the same month last year. I mean, these are Shopping abroad Multiplied by 13 in one year.

In this import category Purchases made abroad with a The highest price With USD 400 and a Weight Up to four kilos, brought in by non-immigrants, through Letter Is’Courier‘Products must be for personal use and may not be used for commercial purposes.

In terms of value, the 4 × 4 parcel reached US 28 28.7 million in March of this year, an increase of 45% over the same month in 2021, when US 19 19.8 million was imported, according to the latest available data. Bank Central of Ecuador (ECB).

The Increase The division then began in June 2021 Eliminate Of Rate Five invoices range from USD 42 and USD 1,200 per year.

Faced with its increase last Monday New resolution Of Foreign Trade Committee (Comics), which again puts one Limits At the purchase price. This time it’s $ 1,600 a year.

Comex resolution 4 × 4 does not prevent import, nor does it set a maximum number. Only Limits The Price, Stressed the district director of the army Felipe Ochoa in Quito. That is, a person can make a purchase of his choice, as long as they do not exceed USD 1,600 per year.

Problem detected

The Army Two problems were detected in the 4 × 4 import system. The first was that this section was being used For business purposes. According to records, a single person made 240 purchases of the same item in six months.

The Commercial use These imports affect not only the state, but the direct loss The formal sectorWhich brings its product payments TaxesOchoa mentioned.

Another problem to identify was that it was being used to bring Essays From Criminal useSuch as guns, ammunition, and drugs. Lack of staff prevents 100% of the package from being physically inspected, Ochoa added.

The Irregular cases Police are investigating them.

Shopping experience

Possibility to buy Through ‘courier’ Optimized for those who have used this system properly. Miriam Ecuilema, 47, bought clothes and a vitamin supplement a few months ago. You made two purchases.

“The first time I used the system, I did it with some fear because I thought the package would be lost, but everything went well. Per To compare The CostAfter the products arrived, I saw that I had saved some money, because they are more expensive here, ”he said.

Edith Villavicencio, manager of DHL Express, mentions that since 2020 ExtremeIncrease Electronic commerce And the use of this section. For this reason, he considers that it is not the best decision to make Limits These ImportBut it would be more appropriate to carry out more ControlsSaid.

Annibal Galarza, manager of Expressito Cargo, considers the measure Comics. “Those of us who are familiar with it Free market We will always oppose such LimitationsBut we understand the government’s decision, as it has detected departmental abuse, ”he said.

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