“Session adjourned due to lack of guarantee.” So, the Speaker of Parliament, Lorry in Guadalupe (PK), left the hemicicycle The means of claim This Tuesday, March 29, 2022.

When it happened director of correismo And Radical Wing of Pachakutik They demanded an end to the debate Resolution against allegations of blackmail by President Guillermo Lasso.

Llori refuses that text to try legislators from Unes Includes a provision To evaluate the Administrative Council of the Legislature (Lime), Which is already last February The full-blown first encounter erupted.

“Either they calm down or I will adjourn the session,” the president warned before being surrounded by a group of his advisers. Legislative escort Which further strengthened his presence in the room.

Details of the day

A was at the door of the hemisphere Joint press conference of Younes and the bench of the Social Christian PartyWho criticized Llori’s performance and did not deny a publicity stunt Self-summoning

“It simply came to our notice then. President, you are in the position, “said Holguin.
Torres considered that “unfortunately the situation in the National Assembly is already unstable. Violations of the parliamentary system that have been proven today cannot continue.”

“We are talking about the fact that for the second time, the President has not been allowed to appeal. We want a guarantee that this assembly will work, ”the MLA said.

Dr. at the press conference Legislators from the extremist wing of Pachakutik joined. One of them, Mario Ruiz, noted that “BoycottSo that this function does not work and continues to be disrespected so that the president can lasso Ruled by decree.

“This political struggle will shift to the streets of the country where thousands of Ecuadorians will come out to protect the future of their children and their heritage,” he added.

Ruiz raised a motion to condemn Lasso’s allegations and demanded that the ruling party present its allegations internally in the legislature so that the ethics committee could be activated.


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